What Type Of Bride Are You?

They say that planning a wedding is up there as one of the more stressful things you can choose to do. It can bring out the bridezilla in most brides-to-be, but it’s all with the best intentions. All you want is a practically picture-perfect day that everyone will enjoy, great dress, amazing venue, flowers, good weather and last but not least a wedding that feels unique to you and your beau.

It’s not too much to ask…is it?

You may be so laid back you’re horizontal or you’ve ended up swinging from the chandelier in your dream venue refusing to come down unless they fit you into their schedule. There are 7 types of bride; which one are you?

1. A Serial Spender

This is the most important day of your life and you’re prepared to give an arm and a leg to make sure it’s the dreamiest wedding your guests will have ever had the pleasure of attending. Outfit changes throughout the day have been discussed at length and you’ve been trying to get John Legend’s agent on the phone to organize the entertainment for the evening. Budget? You don’t know her.

You’re fancy yourself as a bit of a Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton – that red carpet isn’t going to buy itself now, is it?

2. Bridezilla

Knock knock – it’s me, The Moodswing! This wedding is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you go to bed. You’re willing to sell your soul for the perfect dress and are currently responsible for the local shortage of waterproof mascara. You currently love this wedding more than you love your fiancé.

You’re Liv and Emma from Bride Wars combined into one; you’ll stop at nothing to make sure your day is absolutely-100%-without-a-doubt faultless.

3. The Budget Bride

You’re determined to cut any unnecessary costs to make sure your big day doesn’t end up quite literally breaking the bank. You’ve searched Pinterest high and low for the best DIY wedding hacks and have already started searching for the perfect second-hand gown on Etsy. Mum has agreed to tackle the cake and you’ve got all your bridesmaids on hand to help craft your own table decorations. Girl, you’ve got this!

You’re a Phoebe from Friends getting married in the snow or a Miranda from Sex and the City tying the knot in the park in front of all her nearest and dearest.

4. A Laid Back Lady

You’ve put everyone on edge with how un-bothered you are, but you just don’t care. You know you’re going to be exchanging vows with your significant other one way or another. It’s not really an issue that you’ve left it too late to book the caterers; you’re happy to just order pizza for everyone. That’s if they turn up. You forgot to send your invites out in time, so just posted it on Facebook instead.

You’re more of a Pam from The Office when she sneaks off with Jim to seal the deal. You’re not bothered what the celebrations are as long as everyone’s there to celebrate with you at some point.

5. The Life and Soul

Forget the ceremony, you’re here for the party! The hen ‘do was probably the highlight of this whole wedding shebang, but you can’t wait to carry on the celebrations as soon as the formalities are over. You’ve put more planning into the evening’s playlist than what flowers you carried down the aisle and your bridesmaids can’t wait to bust out the moves you’ve all been practicing for weeks.

You’re a Lillian from Bridesmaids, but only once she’s dropped the bridezilla routine and lets loose with her best mates.

6. Miss Meticulous

Clipboard? Check. Color coded spreadsheet? Check. Walkie-talkies and headset? Check. The planning started before you were even engaged and you’ve put the Maid of Honor out of a job because you’ve already arranged your own party.

You’re a Monica from Friends through and through, and the prospect of all that new wedding stationary feels much more exciting than actually getting hitched.

7. The Hopeless Romantic

Your head is in the clouds, the stars are in your eyes and birds are tweeting on your shoulder. We’ll just call you Cinderella. You’ve watched all your favorite romcoms throughout the entire process and the wedding scrapbook you made when you were 11 has been used as a very serious and detailed reference. You’re a walking, talking bridal stereotype – and you love it!

You are most certainly a Charlotte from Sex and the City. You’ve been dreaming of this moment since you were little and no amount of stress or any obstacle can pop your lovey-dovey bubble.

No matter what type of bride you are, what really matters is that you’ll get to marry the one you love on your big day. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to tie the knot, then look no further than the Havana Springs Wedding Venue as the perfect place to get married.

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