5 Creative Ways for Grooms to Stand Out From the Groomsmen

On your wedding day, it’s important to look your best, but it’s also essential that you feel completely like yourself. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to customize your look to find exactly what you want, but if you have groomsmen in your wedding party, you’ll also need to decide what they will wear and how their outfits will complement yours. Differentiating the groom’s attire from the groomsmen is a trend that’s becoming more and more popular—grooms are opting to add statement colors, patterns, or accessories to their outfit as a way to stand out from the rest of the wedding party. There’s no rule that says all of the men’s outfits have to match perfectly, and we’re here to provide a few tips to help you pull it off.

Wondering where to start with your wedding day style? Here are a few ways to differentiate the groom from the groomsmen.

Switch up your tie

If your groomsmen are sporting long neck ties, consider wearing a bow tie instead. This is a subtle option for grooms who don’t want to completely stand out from the rest of the group but still want something a little different. You might think that bow ties are only for black tie dress codes, but they can actually fit any dress code as long as you choose the appropriate fabric and color. For fancier settings, stick with silk or polyester designs in solid colors—black and white are the most traditional. Feeling trendy? Velvet bow ties are a modern twist on formal style. If your overall attire is more laid-back, you can experiment with cotton or wool bow ties in bright colors and patterns.

Add a boutonniere

Wedding boutonnieres are traditionally worn by the groom and all members of the groom’s wedding party (i.e. the groomsmen and important relatives, like parents and grandparents). But if you’re looking for ways to stand out as the groom, consider designating yourself as the only one to wear a boutonniere.

Slightly elevate your style

Dressing in an outfit that’s a little fancier than the rest of the group will automatically differentiate your look from the groomsmen. If your best guys are wearing suit jackets, switch up your ensemble by wearing a tuxedo jacket instead. Different fabrics are another way to create visual contrast—dress groomsmen in polyester suits that will appear more casual, and choose a luxurious wool-blend style for yourself. Lastly, if you are wearing a three-piece suit, consider having your groomsmen wear similar suits but without vests.

Mix-and-match colors

Whether your groomsmen are each wearing something unique or are all dressed the same, wearing a suit or tuxedo in a different color from the rest of the group will instantly spotlight you as the groom. If the groomsmen are wearing light gray suits, wear a dark gray ensemble instead. Or if you’re wearing tuxedos, try an on-trend navy blue style for yourself and dress your groomsmen in classic black. If you don’t like the idea of mixing colors, you can create the same effect by combining different fabrics, such as cotton suits for the groomsmen and a tweed or wool suit for yourself.

Play with prints

We love printed and patterned accessories because they instantly add a dose of character to your look. From stripes and argyles to checks, paisleys, and floral prints, there are so many options when it comes to finding a print that you love. A tie is the easiest way to add a print (you can find one in just about any design imaginable), but you can also incorporate prints into your look through socks, suspenders, a pocket square, or even your shirt or jacket. For the groomsmen accessories, stick with solid colors or subtle prints to make the details of your look more noticeable.

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