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Event Policies

Havana Springs Resort has an in-house catering and bar service department and an extensive menu of delicious food choices. Outside catering or bar services are prohibited. We do allow outside vendors for the wedding cake since that is a specialty item.


Alcohol is served exclusively by Havana Springs Resort during event rentals. We offer a full bar service for all events being held on the property. Outside alcohol or food is not permitted in the Shady Rest or Nicholson Farmhouse.

Event Insurance

Havana Springs Resort carries the best insurance protection for our guests and as such, we require all rentals to carry event insurance. This is an inexpensive one-time policy and easy to acquire. The insurance must cover the entire number of days and hours Shady Rest is in use. Please provide proof of policy upon completing the event rental contract.


We ask that guests use cigarette butt receptacles and recycling containers during the events for environmental safety.


We provide clean up and trash removal and it's included in the facility rental.

Table and Chair Set-up and Take-Down

Havana Springs catering team will place all tables and indoor chairs in Shady Rest as you request before you arrive. There will be someone from the Havana Springs team available help make any last minute adjustments in the room layout. Outdoor chairs to be placed for the ceremony will be determined ahead of time and arranged for you before you arrive. We ask that we have confirmation prior to the event how many outside chairs are to be staged and in which layout you desire them to be staged for the ceremony.

Climate Control

Shady Rest is a 90-year old frame building with a huge number of doors and windows. We will do our best to cool the building to 72 degrees and heat it to at least 67 degrees.


Deliveries are welcomed, however, we can't be held responsible for their safety and we ask that deliveries be brought to the Shady Rest no earlier than the morning of the event as there will be other functions going on in the Shady Rest and we have limited space for storage.


Havana Springs does not provide decorations for events, as that is an element of individual taste. However, if you need assistance or request us to do your decorating, we're happy to work up a proposal for you! When you do your decorating in the Shady Rest, we ask that you use only Command Strips for hanging banners, signs, lights, balloons or other decorations. Due to the age of our special building, we ask that you don't place anything on the walls or ceilings or outside of building that will leave a mark...please no nails, tacks, tape, putty.

You are responsible for removing all decorations inside and outside of Shady Rest.

Wedding Send Off

Rice, bird seed, and real flower petals may be thrown at weddings. Confetti, fake flower petals and anything else we will have to pick up may not be used. Sparklers may be used if they are at least 20 feet from a building.


Candles are prohibited inside the Shady Rest, Nicholson House, and guest rooms. No open flames may be used outside of Shady Rest. Sparklers are allowed 20 feet or more from buildings.

Reservations, Payments, and Cancellations: See our Event Rentals page.

Policies are subject to change at any time.